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Zoho 2022 recap - all updates in Zoho in 2022

11.01.23 01:49 PM By Bohdana

Zoho has made countless updates in it's softare in 2022. We're making a recap with all of the main updates that were made by Zoho in 2022

Zoho CRM

  • Zoho CRM Scoring Rules EnhancementsThe ability to add scoring to Custom Modules was added.
  • Zoho CRM Adds Admin Tools. Which included a new interface for configuration management and more bulk options.
  • Zoho CRM Revamps ForecastingFor those not using Analytics to build out custom forecasting reports, this was a very solid update, improving projections reporting inside the CRM.
  • Zoho CRM Adds Condition-Based Data Sharing RulesThis is a huge value add, so many cases in which someone couldn’t see what they were supposed to see or vice versa. 
  • Zoho CRM Adds User Field Subform Support. Nice addition, anything you can do in a Record you should be able to do in a Subform.
  • Zoho CRM Portal Enhancements. A lot of portal functionality that was seen in other apps is essentially now available for the CRM portal, including advanced email options.

Read about all of the updates in Zoho CRM in chronological order here.

Zoho Analytics

  • New database connectors for 3 cloud & 8 local databases
  • Formula support in live connect, Copying workspaces with data sources, exporting blueprints of views between workspaces, and more
  • New modules supported in QuickBooks and Zoho Finance connectors
  • Incremental user interface enhancements
  • Limitation for importing fields from Zoho CRM module, increased from 100 to 200
  • New business application connectors for Semrush and Google Search Console
  • These connectors include 50+ prebuilt data visualizations and workspaces trained with Ask Zia
  • Enhancements to data integration and preparation were added
  • Share views and send alert emails from organisation email addresses
  • White-label users can handle domain mapping and verification within Zoho Analytics' user interface
  • Enterprise plan users can sync their business application connector data every 1 hour and view their synch history for last 45 days
  • Ask Zia now auto suggests follow-up questions based on previous queries
  • Zoho Analytics is now HIPAA compliant
  • JWT algorithm support added for Single Sign-on(SSO) in white-label solutions
  • Ask Zia can be privately embedded anywhere
  • Enhancements to Zoho Analytics : Dashboard mobile app
  • New business application connectors for Teamwork CRM and Smartsheets
  • Zia Insights available in Spanish
  • Enhancements for pivot and summary views
  • API calls audit log is now available
  • Enhancements to query tables - UI revamp and support for new function
  • Trendline support extended to charts with a color column
  • Reports and dashboards can be exported as PDFs with watermark
  • New business application connector for Zoho Commerce
  • Enhancements toZoho Projects and Zoho Recruit connectors
  • Multi-org support for Zoho Finance connector
  • Time slicer as a timeline filter is now available
  • New data sources, notably all ODBC-supported databases
  • New business application connector for HubSpot Marketing
  • Enhancements to Facebook Ads business app connector
  • Time duration is added as a new data type
  • Zoho Cliq integration as an enhancement to our collaborative analytics
  • Forecast insights are now a part of Zia Insights
  • Elaborate customizations for white-label mobile app can be done within Zoho Analytics account(interface)
  • New business application connector for Freshdesk
  • New modules for Zoho Recruit, Zoho Finance, and QuickBooks Online connectors
  • Enhancements for geo visualisation and tabular views

Zoho Learn

  • Mobile apps. After the launch, Zoho wanted their users to have the Zoho Learn experience on the go, even when they're not at their desks..
  • Global templates. Templates in Zoho Learn have helped simplify the process of article creation for our users. 
  • Advanced search and other search enhancements. Enhanced search mechanism and provided advanced filter options to refine your search results.
  • Compliance settings. Zoho Learn now comes with compliance settings options to facilitate the creation of compliance training programs for your learners. 
  • Custom portals. Zoho is also in the final stages of developing our custom portal feature, which will be released early next year. With custom portals, you can create branded external portals to share information and courses with your external audience. 

Zoho Workerly

  • Location-based job sites. Introducing Geo-fencing. Set up virtual perimeters around client workplaces and get real-time updates on temp check-ins, check-outs, and break activities. The pointers marked in red show the times temps went outside the designated geo-fence.
  • Streamlined communication. A client portal is a platform that allows you to efficiently work alongside and share resources with external clients. Say goodbye to backlogged emails and lengthy chat threads.
  • Flexible schedules. Shifts is now a module, and this offers you easier access, additional information, and enhanced interactions.
  • Billing for a shift. Instead of billing for an entire job, you can now have separate billings for individual shifts. When you create a job, just select "Individual Shift" under the billing information. You can define each shift, its base pay, benefit cost, and margin cost.

Zoho Recruit

  • Zoho Recruit introduced multi-org functionality that helps people participate in multiple organizations and work with multiple Recruit accounts using the same set of credentials.
  • Zoho Recruit's powerful integration with Zoho Writer made it possible to create advanced templates for consistently formatted resumes.
  • Zoho Recruit provided a tool to help wade through the voluminous data—an advanced search algorithm that lets users filter resumes with critical criteria, like keywords, field values, and proximity. 
  • Zoho Recruit listened and provided an option to add up to five accounts to any premium job board. More hands on deck meant more work got done.

Zoho Social

  • Added posting to Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels&Stories
  • Image editor. The new in-app editor for Zoho Social allows you to crop and rotate your images, as well as add text, stickers, and filters before sharing them on social media. This editor is accessible from both the publishing window and the media library.
  • Advanced post analytics. From the post stats tab, you can access comprehensive information on the reach, engagement, impression, and video analytics of your post on all social media platforms.
  • Carousel posts. This update lets you use Zoho Social to upload up to 10 images for a single Instagram post. Plus, make hashtag groups and include them in your posts on all social media platforms.
  • Hashtag groups. We've introduced hashtag groups so you can manage all the hashtags used across your channels. This enhancement lets you group all the hashtags and include them in your post in one go.
  • Reports for Instagram Reels. View in-depth data and metrics on engagement actions, reach, and top Instagram Reels under the Reports page.

Here's a sneak peek of some of the upcoming enhancements we have in store for you:
  • Media library (Giphy, Pixaby, Pexels): The updated media library will provide access to an endless number of images from sources like Giphy, Pixaby, and Pexels. Users will be able to instantly pick and use images, much like on Canva.
  • Cross-brand posting: This new feature will enable users to choose channels from other brands at the same time when creating posts.

Zoho Desk

  • Instant messaging. We're thrilled to unveil a new way of interacting with your customers in Zoho Desk. The Instant Messaging (IM) platform for Zoho Desk enables customers to reach your business through WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, WeChat, Instagram (coming soon), and Facebook Messenger (coming soon). 
  • Guided Conversations. We're especially excited to introduce Guided Conversations (GC), which is the result of our product team's commitment to bringing you the best self-service options. Guided Conversations can be used during a variety of situations, such as bookings, placing orders, requesting a return, or gathering information for official purposes. The possibilities are endless.
  • Low code GUI builder. You don't need to be a coder to build a GC flow. With the flow builder, you can choose from a variety of blocks to build a conversation, including different response formats (text, images, currency, date and time, slider, choice, skip, or start over), message cards, images, and other information. By adding variables, dynamic placeholders, and connecting paths, you can determine the sequence of events based on customer's choice at each engagement stage. You can even pick flows from our pre-defined templates.
  • Webhooks for seamless integration. By configuring Webhook blocks, you can build your conversation flow to interact with Zoho Desk processes, other Zoho services, or third-party applications. 
  • Embed GC widget anywhere. Preview your final GC flow and implement it by embedding it as a chat widget in your website, as an iFrame in your blog posts, or in your own mobile SDKs. They can also be associated with the ASAP widget in case that chat should end with a transfer to agents.
  • Enhanced experience. You might have already noticed the "Try New Version" option in Zoho Desk and even tried our revamped user interface (UI), which we introduced earlier this year. This is part of our effort to make Zoho Desk more logical and visually appealing to give you the best working experience—because we know a complicated help desk can make eight hours feel like 20.

Accessibility controls

It's always been the mission to empower all users to access our products easily, and with Zoho new accessibility controls, they're getting closer. We have added multiple controls to support your vision, physical and motor, and learning needs.
  • Screen Reader renders the content (text, buttons, images, and links) on your screen into speech or braille.
  • Highlight Critical Information displays key information, like ticket ID, ticket owner, and contact details in a striking color.
  • Underline Links increases the visibility of clickable links.
  • Emphasize Focus Area adds a border around your area of focus to indicate the extent and clickability.
  • Animation controls optimize animations and transitions across your help desk.
  • Reading Mask eliminates distractions by masking text you aren't currently reading.
  • Zoom Level lets you zoom in and out until the page is easy to view.
  • Keyboard Focus Navigation helps navigate between screens, switch tabs, and perform tasks using only keyboard keys.

Zoho WorkDrive

  • Build with WorkDrive. We published our API at the very beginning of 2022. This enabled organizations to build their own applications on top of WorkDrive, which means they can integrate us with their business apps and streamline data flow across their companies.
  • Get the most out of your Team Folders. A Team Folder is a shared space where you can work with your team in real time. We have introduced a few updates to help your teams access and collaborate on documents more effectively
  • Annotations for PDFs, images, and videos. Annotations help you make critical or explanatory comments on a section of text or a diagram.
  • Organize your collected files. With WorkDrive's Collect Files, you can receive documents from both internal and external users. We have added a few functionalities to enhance your collection process.
  • TrueSync for desktop updates. Mobile devices are the new laptops and many people now use them to access files. With the iOS 16 update, WorkDrive now supports the Live Text feature. Copy text, open links, make calls, translate, share, and more, by selecting a portion of text within an image or PDF stored in WorkDrive.  track live user activity on MS Office documents stored in your WorkDrive account. 

Zoho People

  • Course Costs in LMS. Creating a course for your employees often involves tracking costs to make smarter decisions. That's why we've introduced Course Costs, a new feature in our Learning Management System to help you add different categories of expenses related to your course, like program expenses, material expenses, and trainer expenses so that they're easy to track.
  • FTP plugin in Attendance. We introduced the FTP plugin for our attendance management system so that HR administrators can share files containing attendance data securely and easily. 
  • Manager Evaluation in the Learning Management System. To improve training ROI, training admins need to understand how well their learners have performed in a particular course. That's why we've introduced a new feature that empowers managers to analyze and evaluate the performance of their reports in different courses. 
  • Goal Setting in the Performance Management System a new feature that allows performance admins to set a timeframe within which employees have to set their goals.

Zoho Meeting 

  • Exciting changes to the Free edition. Our forever Free edition now empowers freelancers and solopreneurs to conduct unlimited meetings and webinars for up to 60 minutes. 
  • Standard edition for startups and small businesses. This year we launched the all-new Standard editions for Meeting and Webinar, with prices starting as low as $1.
  • Improved Analytics tab. We created an exclusive Analytics tab with important metrics, such as Session Count, Session Duration, and Session History, to monitor participant engagement in past meetings.
  • Automated meeting workflows. Adding to our ever-growing list of integrations, we integrated Zoho Meeting with Zoho Flow, helping businesses automate manual meeting workflows.