ZOHO для бизнеса
ZOHO для бизнеса
Внедрение, обучение, интеграция приложений ZOHO

Our clients' successfull stories

zoho integration
CRMOZ agency was trusted to solve a lot of issues that Customer faced with setting up Zoho Apps in accordance with their requirements.

Zoho custo widgets for event company

zoho one implementation
The client is engaged in 3D graphics in three commercial areas: architecture, gaming, and film production. CRMOZ helped to switch to the ZOHO ONE after a bad experience with Jira.

Zoho One for 3d design company

app development in Zoho creator
Our client's company is a financial analysis and risk investigation company. A special application development project appeared as an urgent need for such purposes at one of the stages of their business growth.

App development for financial company

moving to Zoho One case study
CRMOZ helped our client to move on to Zoho One, utilizing Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Creator.

Zoho One for software company 

zoho inventory to woocommerce
The main source of Customer's Orders is Wordpress website that uses WooCommerce plugin to manage incoming requests.Customer request was to sync all orders from WooCommerce to Zoho Inventory.

Integration Zoho with Woocommerce for jewelry company

CRMOZ helped a company with more than 300 employees to move from another CRM to Zoho One due to scaling of the company

Zoho One for auto electrical service corp.