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Currency Exchange Rate Updater for ZOHO CRM extension

The Currency Updater extension sends data from predefined financial sources to Zoho CRM exchange rate module.

The extension works with sources and schedules selected by a user.

Once you want to add another source of currency exchange rates please setup the extension and send us request within it. 

Key Features:
 - Updates currency exchange rates in Zoho CRM
 - User can select data from different sources
 - The customer can schedule rate updates hourly or daily for certain time or period
 -  If you need automatic corrections of currency rates you can predefine them as well

3 easy steps to set up Currency Updater for Zoho CRM Extension:

1.Install the App. Specify your Zoho CRM token (OAuth).

2. Set Zoho and Currency Updater settings

3. Sync chosen data to your Zoho CRM

You can use this extension:

- to analyse history of currency rates;

- to update data in your CRM;

- to correct currency rate on the fly;

- and so on;  

Feel free to contact us by skype: crmoz or by the chat on or website: crmoz.com

Install Currency Updater for Zoho

Currency Exchange Rates Updater for ZOHO CRM FAQ

  • How can I add new currency rate sources?
    Just contact us.