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Custom Widget in Zoho CRM for Team Building Company

11.05.23 12:51 PM By Bohdana
Quote widget in zoho crm
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Executive Summary

CRMOZ has to create a custom Quote Widget for teambuilding and event company starting from creation based on the order and ending with sending a completed Quote to a customer.


The Client is an event company that organizes a big variety of teambuilding and other events, their request was to create a multi-step tool that will allow them to work with Quote starting from creation based on the order and ending with sending a completed Quote to a customer.

The Challenge

The desired process of the Quote has many steps, details, and a lot of custom logic not included in the default Zoho CRM, also it has to be highly customizable. The idea is to create a Quote based on the already existing order or a blank one, group products by sections, edit them and add new ones, being able to control the time and location of events (products), generate a PDF document using different templates, compose an email with PDF attached using templates and send the result to the customer.

Implementation & results

  • The CRMOZ team created a multi-step widget for the creation of a Quote from the Deal record.
  • The logic of this widget includes not only the creation of a new record, but also the generation of the PDF file with a business offer for the client, email generation and sending, and also the analog of Zoho Sign.
  • All functionality is in one place. To implement it, we were using integration with the server, PHP Laravel framework, and Deluge functions. 
  • The process of creating and sending a Quote became much more automated and easier for the users who are working with Zoho CRM daily, which reduced the possibility of a human mistake and much shorter the time needed to create and send business offers to the customer.
  • As a result, the productivity of the team increased, and customer’s waiting time decreased which lead to better performance of the whole organization.
Zoho customization

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