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Zoho One upgrade utilizing Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Creator

22.11.22 12:09 AM By Bohdana
zoho crm implementation

Executive Summary

Our client’s company has moved on to Zoho One, utilizing Zoho Books, Zoho Inventory, Zoho Analytics, and Zoho Creator. They have 23 users in total.


Our client’s company was an early adopter of Zoho and had migrated to Zoho two years prior to choosing CRMOZ. Although they had managed to maintain data in Zoho and build useful customizations, they had been unable to make the Zoho Books functionality work properly. Consequently, the employees had problems using it, and the system required urgent assistance.
Due to the fast-paced nature of production, accurate performance in Books was required, as was the ability to keep work uninterruptible and precise. CRMOZ has seen this issue often and was able to provide a suitable solution.
In fact, CRMOZ not only helps reshape businesses Books, but we also give the businesses the necessary information to maintain their systems on their own.

The business

Our client’s company has been in business for over 30 years and is based in central London. Mac, iOS device, or PC, they have the know-how to help you choose, implement, repair, and support your system.
They also support small businesses as well as corporate and educational establishments.

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The Challenge

Our client’s company was interested in creating an environment of constant growth by knowing the margin value for each item and each sales order. They were also experiencing problems with applying VAT (value added tax) to the calculation. This also made the calculation of the margin values inaccurate.

In order to keep track of and see businesses growth by customers, salespersons, and items, it was necessary to create reports in the Analytics dashboard to keep the information about them as concise as possible.

The dispatch department of the business was having issues understanding which orders they had to reorder since part of them were missing.

In order to keep things simple and automatic for package delivery, instead of using manual signing of packages, there was an idea to create the Creator app with a signature component that will let their drivers track and sign the packages needed for delivery every day.

Implementation & results

  • Our client’s company chose the milestone approach. That way, improvements could be tracked easily and planned out over a long period of time.
  • In order to make the margin calculation possible, it was important to have each parameter of the calculation in check following the specified formulas, as well as maintain clearance of what part of the system is used in order to calculate the margin correctly for each sales order and each item in the sales order.
  • Making the correct calculation was possible only through the creation of an additional module of beta functionality, yet it provided the needed solution that was previously impossible without the help of CRMOZ.
  • This gave an understanding that the VAT should be applied for proper calculation as well, which only worked for the UK version of the Books.
  • The business reporting needed advanced SQL skills, which CRMOZ could supply. After ensuring that the margin calculation worked as intended, a dashboard with reports was created to show the business's growth on a daily basis.
  • Additionally was built a report that required fast solution for the dispatch department that would run every morning to see which items need reordering. These are items that they sell often, from accessories through phones to favorite MacBooks.
  • To make the delivery of packages for businesses drivers more convenient, it was necessary to know what data could be retrieved from packages through an API call in Books. This, along with the development of a scheme to ensure a clear understanding of implementation, resulted in a Creator app that is simple to use for drivers on a daily basis. 


CRMOZ can help you maintain the correct functionality of the system, as well as aim for your growth. We look at your entire business, provide a plan for you, and carry out the necessary actions to help you integrate and automate your entire business, right from inquiries in your system all the way through the Zoho applications and through to delivering quick and precise results to your customers.